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Jienuo vitamin capsule cardiovascular health products, Jarrow FORMULAS MK-7

2012.07.20 Fri


Jarrow Formulas Jienuo is a well-known vitamin manufacturers, products certified by the FDA, has been more than 50 years of history, people are more familiar with Jarrow products should be women probiotics.

Jarrow Formulas Jienuo MK-7 from natto fermented soybeans (non-transgenic) extract is a highly active vitamin K2 product, easily absorbed by the body, can enhance bone health and prevention of osteoporosis, inhibit vascular calcification, reduce the chance of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular health, the maintenance of arterial elasticity, the prevention of atherosclerosis, accelerate wound blood clotting, and promote the human calcium absorption. Comply with U.S. FDA standards for use as a dietary supplement. Tablets 90mg one daily, with meals to eat, suitable for adults and the elderly to take pregnant women and minors to consult with doctors.

This of Jarrow FORMULAS of MK-7 Jienuo vitamin capsules coffee beansS. Amazon offer $ 12.4, before buying, click on the bottom of the page save $ 2.herbal tea for weight loss00 with the this a coupon button, then select the Subscribe & Save an additional re-discount 15%, final $ 8.54 and free shipping, hair goods is very light weight, it is recommended to scrape single. The main role of MK-7 is to promote cardiovascular health, helps maintain arterial elasticity of home in this area, you can buy a few bottles.




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