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6 ways how to lose abdominal fat - burn belly fat

2012.08.01 Wed


Today, the Internet and the media were full of a lot about how to lose abdominal fat. Although some of them can really help, but also a little bit of other things people are trying to get rid of abdominal fat is more complex. This is unfortunate, most people do not really find they are looking for when it comes to losing abdominal fat.

Some information is often misleading these people talking about their diet trend, and fat burning pills, both of which are unwanted, unsafe. How to lose abdominal fat,Food is more than Sustenance Nutrition, according to Korean American chef Corey Lee. ¡°It's part of who you are the best way to boost your metabolism, I must tell the truth, this is not a quick weight loss process, you can imagine. This matter, dedication and time, but in the end is definitely worth.
How to lose abdominal fat the rapid start your metabolism

1 Eating breakfast - Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is what your body is full of energy, make you a day of rest. Studies have shown that, within one hour after breakfast, get up, to help control insulin and cholesterol levels. Try to set an ordinary breakfast schedule. The help of your family members, in order to meet this requirement. Ensure the healthy food to eat a full breakfast. Avoid sweets, such as cereal and pancakes.

2. Get rid of stress - studies have shown that stress triggers the body's secretion of cortisol hormone, which is known to increase the accumulation of abdominal fat. Attempt to free themselves from the pressure of those around you. Get enough sleep and relaxation, you can - even if it is only at work 15-minute break. Set aside at least a day as you relax a few hours.

3. Every day at least one step - make a habit to take many steps,Little cheap black ant online is a UK artist who it is probably easiest to categorise in the whole post-dubstep movement that has cropped up in the past few years. you can every day. Take the stairs not the elevator or walking instead of driving to your workplace. This will help you burn off your belly visceral fat. If your work requires you sitting on your desk all day, consider allowing the treadmill desk.

4. Interval training - studies have shown that people who do the whole light exercise is likely to fast weight loss than those who do heavy exercise two hours straight. You can try to run 20 seconds, then stop just to catch your breath, and then continue to another exercise. Even at work, you can even just stand up, go back and forth for one minute to your desk. This will allow you to develop more muscular endurance later.

5 Sit-ups sit-ups easy - only for those people who tried to sound the ABS has recommended - which means that they have completely eliminate abdominal fat. Do sit-ups, and you still have a bloated stomach, this will cause your stomach to look bigger because of the thick muscles of your development in this area. Therefore, it is now concentrated on how to lose abdominal fat, while toning the abdominal muscles.